Journalist predicts what business Juventus may do in the summer

Juventus faces considerable uncertainty as the end of the season approaches, leaving fans unable to predict the club’s next moves.

The team has endured a challenging season and eagerly anticipates securing a Champions League spot by season’s end.

One potential solution to their on-field struggles is acquiring top players to address problem areas within the team.

The Bianconeri are determined to make significant improvements and will strive to address these issues during the summer transfer window.

Approaching the end of the season, nearly every player in their squad could be sold for the right price. However, should they depart, they will likely be replaced.

A journalist and transfer insider has provided predictions on some of the moves we can expect from Juventus.

Paolo Bargiggia said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“Juve will first try to sell their young players like Soulé, and if an offer were to arrive for Vlahovic or Chiesa (a little less for Bremer) they could think about it: however, all this also depends on whether Rabiot will remain or not, on the future of the young players Property. In general, however, all the Serie A teams could let some big names leave, given that there is a lot of money and capital everywhere, but much less here in Italy.”

Juve FC Says

We have several players who should leave the Allianz Stadium in the summer, and we will buy a number of our targets.

However, at this stage of the season, some directors at the club will also struggle to predict the moves to expect when the term ends.

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