4 keys to swing like LPGA star Linn Grant

Ben Hogan once said Mickey Wright had the finest swing he had ever seen. Had he seen LPGA star Linn Grant, he might have changed his mind. Her swing from face-on is eerily reminiscent of the Hawk’s own. 

Grant’s similarities to Hogan start with a sharp rotation of the hips in the backswing and lead to one of Hogan’s main principles of starting the downswing with the lower body. This transition in the swing is incredibly athletic as her body begins to move toward the target while her arms and club are still going up. This dynamic change in direction initiates the Hogan-esque whiplike action through impact. 

Grant is exceptional at utilizing Ground Reaction Force as she pushes away from the turf using the balls of her feet to extend both legs like a ski jumper launching off the 90-meter hill. Rather than pulling the club, her upper left arm slams back against her torso to enhance the whip at impact, maximizing clubhead speed. You should do the same. 

Below are the four keys to Grant’s swing.

1. Push! 

Stay off your heels by pushing away from the ground through the balls of your feet. Think of jumping from a standing position. You wouldn’t get off the ground from your heels.

2. Get whippy

Dragging the club through impact kills clubhead speed and produces a glancing blow. Copy Grant’s change of direction and sequence to produce a whiplike action in the club.

3. Jump!

Through impact, launch upward like an Olympic ski jumper. Squeeze your glutes and post up through the ground into a long left leg. This gives you something to whip the club against.

4. Hit the brakes

Deceleration leads to acceleration! Slamming the upper part of your front arm back against your torso helps you throw the brakes on the handle so the clubhead can fly by.

Brady Riggs is a GOLF Top 100 Teacher and is the director of instruction at Hanson Dam GC in Pacoima, Calif., and a senior instructor at PGA West in La Quinta, Calif

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