Journalist blasts Fagioli for his social media outburst

Journalist Giancarlo Padovan has strongly criticized Nicolo Fagioli after the midfielder appeared to challenge the sources of his leaked statement to prosecutors.

Fagioli is currently serving a seven-month ban for gambling offences and has openly admitted to being a gambling addict. He played a pivotal role in the investigation by providing evidence to prosecutors, which subsequently led to the implication of several other players in the case.

The young midfielder is now seeking help and aiming to overcome his addiction, publicly expressing remorse for his actions. However, he also took a swipe at those he believed spread false information about him in the media.

Padovan believes that the latter part of Fagioli’s statement was unnecessary and that he should have simply offered an apology and left it at that.

He said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“I understood, however, that Fagioli missed a good opportunity to do what he had promised himself: to apologise. He should have stopped there and perhaps also thanked for having been treated with an implicit benevolence (“the boy is a gambling addict, he has lived through terrible months, he needs to be helped out of trouble”) by the press, radio and television.”

Juve FC Says

Fagioli is a youngster who has had a tough time and little guidance in life over the last few months.

He would feel lucky that his problem is out in the open because now he can get all the available help.

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